Ain’t no future in the past

Place where Queen Mary burned Protestants

I posted this picture to remind me that the past is over. The title that I am using for this blog comes from a song by Alan Parsons, one of my favorite groups of all times. Just as an aside. For you classic rock fans, Alan Parsons served as a producer for some of Pink Floyd’s work. Now, back to the past. I’m not saying we can forget the past totally because I do believe that it can repeat itself and we have to learn from it whether those be good or bad lessons.

I’ve spent a lot of time wasting time by thinking about the stuff that has happened to me in my past. I’m basically an introvert which means I’m thinking all the time and not really talking much at all. One of the things I think about too much, I’ve come to realize, is the past. I’ve started a process where I am looking at what I would consider the big moments in my life, examining them, and deciding what effect they have had on my present. After that, I try to tell myself that these memories, not their influence necessarily, can be pushed back so they aren’t pushing me. I think about what I have now, not what I could have had then. This soul searching has been difficult for me. It’s so easy to hang onto past hurts, to blame your past for your present, but you know there’s something you can do. See if that influence of the past is worth holding onto. If it isn’t, let it go. It’s done. You can’t change it.

I’m fond of this quote, “Don’t say what if, say what now.”

Is there something you don’t like? Can it be changed? If not, then make a plan to deal with it. If so, then make a plan to change it. Is there something you like? Then make a plan to help you to hang onto it. As hard as it is to do, spend more time paying attention to what is now, than what was then, and what might be next. I’m not saying don’t plan for your future. I’m saying don’t forget about your present.

Today, I sat out on my back porch with my wife, my dog, and a cold one, and enjoyed the moment. It was warm with a cool breeze. Squirrels were hopping around in the trees. Birds fluttered everywhere. I was in the moment. I looked up and watched the clouds float by — I saw an eagle in one. I remembered myself as a kid lying on the grass and watching the clouds float by. This is one of those good lessons from my past, one that I should NOT have forgotten.

Just remember this, don’t forget every now and then to watch the clouds float by.

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