Starting from scratch: opinions bound to make everyone mad

When I think about my beliefs, I sometimes feel as if I am on an island with no one else around. I think surely some people must feel like I do. I’m not a political savant, but I’d like to think I have some common-sense viewpoints. I want to share many things with you in this blog (which I had to start over from scratch because I thought I’d try to get fancy with my other blog and I really messed it up. Maybe new beginnings will make a better story.) I’m not going to get too radical on you all with my first blog, but I might have some doozies later.

I would like to talk about gun control. I consider myself a moderate in this area. I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I don’t think any guns except for fully automatic ones or maybe bazookas should be banned. Let me tell you what I do think. I think no one under 21 should be able to buy a pistol or an assault weapon. I think any gun purchaser should have to go through a rigorous background check and if any gun seller is caught bypassing this, then it should be banned from selling weapons of any kind.

I think there should be a 30 day waiting period for any gun purchase. I think there should be red flag laws, and I think people with mental illnesses should, if not be unable to buy guns at all, at least have to go through an even more rigorous background check. I’m bipolar. Do I need a gun? I’ll let the people who know me answer that one. I will say that if I wanted one, I wouldn’t mind a significant background check for all people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

I also don’t think high capacity magazines should be legal. Who needs a clip with 30 shells? I hear people say that they need this stuff if they ever have to fight the government. I can understand that up to a point, but we are no longer living in the Revolutionary War period. Our government has stuff like bunker bombs and drones. I don’t think an assault weapon will stop them. You might not have any cold dead hands to pry your gun out of if they hit you with a bunker bomb. Crass, I know, but you get the point.

I don’t think the second amendment was meant to be interpreted as it has been interpreted over the years, but I don’t mind that. Guns are legal today for everyone almost so there’s no reason to change it now, and there’s no way to do it even if you wanted to. Honestly, I don’t think any politicians are stupid enough to think they can take away people’s guns. They might say that to win some votes from left wingers just like some people will say they’re Christian if they want to win votes from right wingers.

I also hear the argument that criminals will be able to get guns if they want them anyway. First, let me say this is a moot point. It is an argument that really doesn’t even apply much. While it’s true that any criminal who wants one can get a gun, it’s not the diehard criminal types who are doing mass shootings. It’s someone who is unhinged maybe, someone who can walk into a place selling guns and buy one without much of a wait and without much slowing him or her down.

If a 30 day waiting period or a restriction on the number of shells a gun can have were used, every mass shooting would not be stopped, but what if one were, or two, or ten, or 20? Every legal gun owner can have his hunting weapons and his home protection and not even be affected by such restrictions. Wouldn’t you feel good if you knew your willingness to accept some of the common-sense restrictions –again, that have no effect on most of us — saved 100 lives or even just one?

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